Summer Project for My Hubby and Kids

My mom told me that we need to repair our front lawn before the rain season comes in by next month, and I can’t agree more since it’s about time to rehabilitate our garden anyway. I assigned my hubby and the kids to make it their summer project to beautify the garden by adding Columbus paver patios  underneath the 3 grape plants.

They were excited when they learned about it since it’s almost a year when the last time they constructed the garden wall in front of the house. I think my kids are more thrilled that my hubby. They missed playing with the cement and all.

I told them that I planned to put a small  rounded table with four chairs just like the picture below.


We used to have an all-grass garden but due to the recent big flood, plus the fact that we had major renovation in our house (because of the storm), our garden was complete messed up. The flood left our garden in total ruined and we haven’t had the chance to rehabilitate since then. Continue reading

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Hairstyles How-To: The Braid

When you think of braids, automatically you think of Pocahonta’s two long plaits or Rapunzels’s long single French braid.

Now you can update this style by weaving ribbons, string or yarn through it.


How- To

  • Tie you hair in ponytail or two pigtails with rubber bands.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon to your desired length. (Ideally, the length of your hair)
  • Cover the rubber band by tying the the ribbon around it and knotting.
  • Divide the ponytail into three sections.
  • Put the two sides of the ribbon on the outer hair divisions, leaving the middle one plain.
  • Braid your hair, the ribbon will be woven through it as you braid.

TIP: You can add more ribbon and more colors for more festive look!

These ribbons are cost-friendly ways of sprucing up an otherwise boring braid.

This is just a quick tip that you may want to try specially this holiday season.

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Do You Love Buying Online?

Do you love shopping online? My unequivocal  answer is Yes, I do! Perhaps for the past three years already, majority of my personal and my family purchases were done online. From hotel reservation for our vacation to simply buying a pair of socks were all coursed through online. Thanks to the power of technology or should I say internet.

coupon code

I don’t just simply buy here and there. I’m a member of a number of group buying network such as Groupon. But more than that, I love hunting for big discounts and promos. In fact, I have an exclusive email account just for my online buying persona alone.

In addition from bargains, promos, discounts and group buying networks, my other secret arsenal in buying online are coupons and vouchers. Without them, I don’t think I’ll be motivated to buy online.

There are a lot of coupon and voucher web sites out there but Continue reading

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How To Avoid Childhood Obesity

As a grown up adult, we are already aware what is obesity it and what it can do our life. Unfortunately, all the information we have are on the negative side of the spectrum. We can’t do nothing by just looking on the spectrum alone but we can do something to over turn it. Everywhere you look, either on internet, magazines, television and other media outlets,  there is more and more information coming out about the link between being overweight and the risk of disease that you could be putting yourself at because of it.

But, have you ever wondered  the impact of this thin in your children?

children-obesity-avoidYour lifestyle choices (selection of foods, eating habits, activities)  for your own has a great influence on your children too!

The truth is, childhood obesity rates are increasing steadily at alarming rates. If we want to take care of our health system, we should the take the action now to try and put a stop to this ever growing problems or else it’s only going to become more and more overburdened into the future.

Let’s look at a few of the key points that you should know.

The Frightening Obesity Statistics in Children
First, I don’t want to scare people but the numbers in the statistics are really alarming with regards to childhood obesity. With the current rate going on right now in the United States alone, the obese is over 12.5 million in children which accounts for up to 17% of the entire population. The statistics includes children between Continue reading

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How To Save On Your Next Purchase

We all want to save money, don’t we? When was the last time you want something to buy from one store and found out the same item is being sold on a discount from another store?

With today’s internet technology, we don’t need to physically walk from one store to another or do window shopping anymore just to find out the best price in town.

Just Google the item you want to buy and presto, you can easily check the price right away. You can also find some portals or sites that compare the prices from different online stores.

But do you know that aside from the standard retail price posted on an online store, you can still find a much lower price or a better deal?

As a mom, I’m pretty sure a lot of you are already aware of online deal sites or those that features a discounted vouchers from different products and services. More often, deal sites and voucher portals offer bigger discounts than if you buy directly from the provider’s online store.

And here’s the secret on one of the voucher sites that I’ve found lately. Meet EpicVoucherCodes,a site that offers exclusive voucher/promo codes. As of last count, the site is offering shopping vouchers from almost 50 top quality brands from online webhosting  to looking for your next vacation destination, and many more. I want to emphasis the word “exclusive”, meaning you can’t find the vouchers posted here on other sites.

I’ve found EpicVoucherCodes site very user friendly specially for a mom like me. I don’t need to browse all the brands or products but I just simply use their Search option and viola, everything is presented in a very easy to read search result page. When I compared the prices from other sites, nothing can beat the price posted here.

If you are like me seeking out the best bargain, do your research for the best price before you commit. Instead of just searching online for known discount sites and deals, I suggest to look out for “exclusive” voucher/promos provider. The effort you spent on your research is worth the time when it comes to savings.

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A Unique Evening of Wine Tasting and Education

Perry Creek Winery is in the California viticultural region of El Dorado County. One of Perry Creek’s most unusual events is the Hunt for the Zinman when the moon is full. The party begins with wine pairings and appetizers in the tasting room, followed by dinner on the veranda. As the sun begins to set and the full moon rises, Dieter Jurgens and winemaker Scott Johnson lead guests on a tour through the vineyards. They enjoy a glass of wine while they learn the art of grape-growing in the vineyards and soak up the scenery. They are able to taste the actual grapes, from which their favorite wines are made. As the sun begins its descent and the moon rises, guests are encouraged to imagine Zinman, dancing amongst the vines. While experiences like these can be memorable fun, they are also highly informative. The more consumers know about wine, the more they can appreciate both the wine and the effort that winemakers employ to make it.

Winemakers often spend weekends in the tasting room and maybe a day in the middle of the week and have some unique challenges. Like everyone else, they say that they can appreciate beautiful young women. But when they arrive in a limo, they can be less appreciative. “They come only to drink, not for the education or to enjoy the wines. They become loud and rowdy and are constantly taking pictures of one another with their cell phones. It’s a big circus,” some say. And they don’t buy wine, which is the only way that free tasting can be cost-effective. Neither are they likely to join the wine clubs.

Dieter Jurgens of Perry Creek has had other issues with tasting room visitors. A native of Berlin, he erected a series of flagpoles in front of the winery and hung flags from all of the wine producing countries in the world. A wonderful display, he thought, Continue reading

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Repairing Our Vinyl Flooring

We’ve been living in our house for more than ten years already. There are some parts of the house that needed to be repaired or fixed   In fact, I wanted to have a major construction like additional room, expand the kitchen, changed the water fixtures, etc. Although, other parts such as our flooring in our bedroom needs an immediate attention.

However, with so many priority things in line like education budgets, investments and other spending my husband told me to know exactly what  is the top most priority among my priorities. :). Everything will involve a cost…most needs a bigger cost!

All the major repairs such as expanding the kitchen and changing the water fixtures can wait but not with the current condition of our bedroom floor. Two or more pieces of the vinyl flooring are torn and badly needed a replacement. It was damaged when we accidentally dragged some furniture fixtures :(

damaged vinyl flooring

I’d asked my husband if we can replace our bedroom flooring with a wooden or perhaps a marble type but he still preferred the vinyl floor right now. He’s answer was ” I still like what we have because it’s beautiful already and very low maintenance”. I think what he meant was ” because it’s low cost and we can save more”  A typical working husband answer.

I searched online to find where to buy the vinyl flooring that we are using since I don’t want to waste my time in the hardware store. Remember, we haven’t changed a thing in our flooring since we bought our house a decade ago so I don’t have any idea where to buy. Heck, I’m not even sure if the store’s are still selling the same pattern.  Lo and behold, Google found the match on a store that sells area rugs and home carpet shop in Hillsboro. I browsed their products and galleries and I’ve actually found two that matches our flooring. I’m thinking to print them out both, but I guess the easiest and less mistake is to bring a bring a sample when I go to the hardware store (meaning I have to remove one from our floor).

Wish me luck!

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A Rising Emirate” Making Worldwide Name for Itself M

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), the most northern of the emirates, lacks the abundant oil and natural gas resources of its UAE neighbors. But the diverse emirate is quickly making up for what it lacks in oil resources by capitalizing on what it can provide: creating business-friendly investment opportunities and developing a world-class tourism industry.

With all that the emirate can offer both locals and visitors, it’s no wonder it’s being called “a rising emirate.” Under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, RAK has turned itself into an affordable vacation spot for visitors and a land of opportunity for businesses and investors. Here are just a few of the many reasons people are referring to RAK as “a rising emirate.”

Offering Something to Satisfy Every Tourist

Visitors to Ras Al Khaimah expecting to see the malls and urban sprawl of some of the glitzier emirates are delighted to find a land where farms, camels and dunes coexist with modern luxury hotels and resorts. This is a land where a $1 billion Continue reading

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Looking for a Second Hand Vehicle in Dallas/Fort Worth Area?

My husband and I planning to get another car for the family. We have a mini-SUV car already but with the never ending going up prices of gasoline we’re deciding to buy a smaller car this time. According to my husband, small car means small consumption of gasoline specially if we will use it as our everyday commuting car going to our work of place. We will just use our mini-SUV during  weekends and for our long trip vacations. Without a doubt, I’m giving all my faith and trust to my hubby when the topic is about cars. However, he’s giving me the freedom to choose the car  I want.

While searching for some used cars online, Google brought me to Auto USA. A Dallas-based looking for used caruser car dealer with over 50 solid years of serving the residents of Dallas/Fort Worth area. My husband and I browsed through their inventories and we’re actually surprised when we saw some of the cars  that are on our list of choices.

My only worries when buying a second hand vehicle  is the history of the car. Who used it, how it was used and what were the maintenance done on it. Good thing Auto USA Texas has what they call AutoCheck – an history report on every vehicle.  For peace of mind, Continue reading

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Julius Maggi Kitchen Cooking Demos – February 2013

Am I too late already in posting the schedule for  Julius Maggi Kitchen cooking demos? Well, not really because there are still 3 scheduled days for this wonderful cooking demo for the month of February.

The Julius Maggi Kitchen cooking demo will be held at the ground floor of Nestlé Center, 31 Plaza Drive, Rockwell, Makati City.

If you are interested to participate in one of the FREE cooking demonstrations, just bring one empty pack (any size) of NESCAFÉ Classic or NESFRUTA on any of the following dates;February 16, 21 and 26 from 1:00 – 4:30PM. Please call (02) 896-2166 and reserve a slot for one of these dates.

Check the map below for the venue.

Nestle Center in Rockwell, Makati


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