The Most Attractive Facial Features Female

The Most Attractive Facial Features Female

What are the most attractive facial features on women? There are so many factors to consider, from her narrow-angle jawline to her contoured mandible. Nevertheless, the most attractive feature on a woman is probably her lips. Read on to learn more about this feminine facial feature. There are some medical procedures available as well that can help a woman improve her appearance and feel more confident in the eyes of others. And if you are interested in knowing more about it, read on for some of the options available today.

Lips are the most attractive facial feature on women

According to a new study, the lips of young Caucasian women are the most attractive facial features in women. In the study, 400 participants rated the beauty of the lips on a scale of one to ten. According to the researchers, a woman’s lips should be full and vermillion-height. If the lip is full and vermillion-height is equal or greater than the upper lip, she will be considered more beautiful than a woman with a thinner or smaller upper lip.

A recent study reveals that men spend half of their first ten seconds examining a woman’s lips. Moreover, men spend a bit longer looking at a woman’s lips if she is wearing lipstick. The results confirm that lipstick can make women appear more enticing to men. For instance, men spend nearly half their time observing a woman’s lips when meeting her for the first time.

Narrow-angle jawline

Male and female faces have different signals when it comes to attracting women. For example, men with narrow-angle jawlines are perceived as more attractive than women with broad-angled jawlines. These findings are not surprising as the jawline and chin are both indicators of physical condition. It is the narrow-angle jawline and chin that make …

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