Women's Rights Issues 2022

Women’s Rights Issues 2022

Inequalities, Conflicts and Social Inequalities are just a few of the issues that will be addressed in the next UN General Assembly. Abortion and social inequalities are also addressed in this document. You can read more about the issues in the next General Assembly in this article. Inequality is the number one issue in the world, but it doesn’t have to be the biggest issue in the world. There are ways to address these issues.


Inequalities in women’s rights continue to plague the world. The most pressing issues today are equal pay, working hours, and the amount of unpaid work women do. In middle-income countries, issues related to equal pay and gender equity are highlighted more often. The number of women who are victims of violence, harassment, and sexual violence continues to grow. Despite these advancements, women still face numerous challenges, including economic, educational, and health inequalities.


As UN Secretary-General Sima Bahous recently noted, conflict impacts many aspects of women’s lives: early marriage, sexual violence, food insecurity, a lack of livelihoods, and a lack of dignity. Moreover, women are often excluded from political processes and often end up risking their lives in order to fulfill their roles as head of household, peacebuilders, and leaders. As such, conflict impacts many aspects of women’s lives and their ability to fully exercise their rights.

Social inequalities

The world is increasingly focused on gender equality, yet the status of women is still unacceptably low. This inequality hinders economies and limits the ability of women and girls to lead productive lives. More than one billion people live in informal settlements and the majority of them are women. Urban areas are particularly challenging for women, with inadequate housing and low levels of basic services. In these communities, the rights of women must be prioritized …

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