Top Black Women Business Owners – The Privileged Few – 11 Qualifying Characteristics

Top Black Women Business Owners - The Privileged Few - 11 Qualifying Characteristics

Top Black women business  are the few, the fortunate, and the lucky. They are the chosen ones fed with a silver spoon. We all know it is hard out there. The white man’s conspiracy to keep us down. Becoming a top black women business owner is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest. How many minorities do you know that has even thought about climbing a hill not to mention a mountain, the closest we come to a mountain are the rocks in the parking lots.

Some people are just born to be great. You know they come from that perfect family, Mom, dad, 2.5 kids. Mom an attorney and dad a  the Cosby’s. Better yet, they come from a family of wealth, like the Kennedys, Johnsons or Bronners. See if they had backgrounds like us, the average black woman or man, I bet ‘cha they would have never gotten to the top.

Those escaped few do not know what it is like to have a hungry day let alone a hungry week. They would not have a clue how to survive in the real world. A hunger pain would probably give them a coronary infarction. I bet they never had to sop up gravy with a biscuit. Of course not, they are too busy hob nobing with their friends tasting beche de mer, plate, and vegan dishes. Unfortunately, there are many sad stories about our race, the African American culture. Today… it is time to turn the table. Follow me as we discuss why our black women business owners are ranking high on the economic scale and how you can do the same. Regardless to any exterior conditions you can adopt these 11 mindset principles:

  • Below are 11 Qualifying Characteristics that Top Black Business Owners must Posses:
  • Posses the never quit attitude
  • Avoid the nay-sayers
  • Hire talented team members
  • Not intimated by people that are smarter than they
  • Learn to handle rejections
  • Have a strong faith in something other than themselves
  • Took the first steps
  • Are action people
  • Are Open minded
  • Expect disappointment, Prepare for domination
  • Control their emotions

There you are, some of the mindset principles that top black women business owners, consciously or unconsciously, implement to achieve their success. Remember, you will not achieve your dreams by hoping, wishing and praying only. Our creator wants us to have the desires of our heart but also wants us to move our feet. Be careful as to what you listen to, guard your ears and your eyes. Take advice from those with positive experiences. Disappointment will come your way but that is part of the journey. You get disappointed now, at least with success or money you can be disappointed in style.

Do not forget, nothing happens until you make it happen. You will not reach your dreams or goals by osmosis. Even if you are below broke, abused, disgusted or busted. All things are possible. Think about those that came before you…Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson, Mo’Nique, Tyler Perry etc. What’s the difference… they took action and developed the winning mindset as they went along.

Remember opportunity  beat down your door…opportunities are never  just missed out! Being broke doesn’t make you poor. Poor is a mindset, broke is a temporary inconvenience. Let’s take off our hats to our Top Black Women Business Owners, then join them. Change your mindset…change your direction. Imagine you… as the next Top Black Woman Business Owner?