Top Health and Wellness Magazines

Top Health and Wellness Magazines

If you’re looking for a new outlet to submit your work to, consider these top health and wellness magazines. If you’d like to write about health and wellness, you can submit your work to these magazines to increase your chances of getting published. They pay $1.50 per word for nonfiction articles, and typically buy between 60 and 80 nonfiction pieces a year. You can also submit columns and other pieces to these publications.

Women’s Health

If you’re a woman looking for health and wellness information, you can find it in Women’s Health magazine. With award-winning articles on health, nutrition, beauty, and fitness, Women’s Health is a must-read. With 36 million readers each month, Women’s Health is an excellent source for advice and information on all aspects of women’s health. Its goal is to empower women by providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their health and wellness.

Oxygen magazine is another popular health and fitness magazine. Its 12 issues a year offer expert advice on fitness and nutrition. It also features short essays and notes about relationships. These articles are a great source of inspiration for women who want to lead healthy lives. They’re also a great source of information about alternative medicine and self-diagnosis. Regardless of your interest in health and fitness, you’re sure to find an issue of Women’s Health that will make you feel confident about your body.


Cure is a health and wellness magazine that focuses on the health and well-being of cancer patients and survivors. It pays up to $500 for articles and requires writers to have a background in medical writing. This magazine also accepts submissions on topics such as spirituality, yoga, and sustainable lifestyle. Editors look for factual information and statistics to keep readers interested. They also seek articles with international health briefs.

Another magazine to look for in the health and wellness industry is Healthcare. This magazine covers the latest health news and technology. It also explains the latest trends in healthcare and gives readers information on how to keep themselves healthy. Healthcare magazine is an ideal read for anyone interested in health care or wellness. It covers all aspects of the health industry, from the basics of good health, such as wellness quotient, to more advanced topics like the internet of medical things. It’s also an excellent resource for healthcare institutes and executives.


Many readers of popular health and wellness magazines turn to Psychologies for advice on everything from self-improvement to relationship issues to diet and fitness. These magazines offer credible and inspirational advice from leading experts and writers on a variety of topics, including how to overcome the wrong mindsets and become a better person. They even tackle topics related to alternative medicine and spirituality. Here are a few examples of articles that are sure to inspire you.

When it comes to the science of psychology, Psychologies in top health and wellness magazines offer a unique mix of evidence and personal experiences. While many articles in the magazines utilize research-based evidence, many are influenced by emotion. The articles often contain research-based studies and facts, which support the authors’ claims. In addition to research-based evidence, many articles use case studies to highlight specific issues or problems and relate them back to the overall idea. Finally, the articles may feature anecdotes or personal testimonies.


OnFitness is a bimonthly magazine that offers information on fitness and healthy living. The articles in this magazine range from information on workouts and supplements to tips and tricks from the industry. While this magazine is not the best resource for health information, it does offer readers motivation and inspiration to make better choices and be healthier. For more information, check out the July/August issue. Listed below are some tips and advice from the editors of OnFitness.

Oxygen magazine is a popular health magazine for women. This magazine covers a wide range of topics including weight loss, superfoods, energy-boosting vitamins, and how to set and stick to goals. For men, it offers tips and workouts that range from cardio to weight lifting. It also features news, recipes, and fitness gear. You can even find motivational quotes in this magazine that will get you moving in no time.