Work Out Routines for Women: Why Visual Impact for Women Stands Out

Work Out Routines for Women: Why Visual Impact for Women Stands Out

The biggest problem with most work out plans for women is that they are designed by fitness trainers who focus mainly on building muscle. Now that’s fine if you don’t mind looking muscular; however, most women want to look lean and toned,but not like a smaller version of a male bodybuilder!

The common mantra of most trainers is that “Women don’t have enough testosterone to build muscle.” Really? Then how do you explain the bodies of female competitive cyclists or speed skaters? They tend to have huge thighs as a result of training hard. Many female swimmers have broad shoulders and muscular arms as a result of both weight training and the demands put on their upper body from their sport. Women CAN and DO build muscle!

Often, when a woman who wants to lose weight and tone up begins to work out at the gym with a trainer, she will notice that her jeans are starting to get a little bit tight at the thigh. She might mention this to her trainer, only to be dismissed and told to perform more squats and lunges.

You guessed it! Her thighs are getting increasingly large from this terrible advice. Frustrated because no one will listen to her concerns, the woman who was initially so excited by her progress ends up quitting exercising entirely. Consequently, she loses the muscle tone she sought out in the first place, and begins to pile her unwanted pounds back on. It’s tragic, really.

Finally, someone has addressed women’s fitness concerns and goals. Instead of trying to force women to become a junior version of The Hulk, Rusty Moore designed a spin-off of his highly popular “Visual Impact” work out plan just for women. Rusty himself is a long time bodybuilder who got fed up with the bulkiness he was developing. He realized that his ideal body was a lot more like Brad Pitt in “Fight Club” than it was with a huge, over-muscled body builder.

Taking the knowledge he gleaned from reducing his musculature from bodybuilder bulky to Brad Pitt sexy, Rusty decided that women were also in need of a program that would allow them to keep their feminine looks intact while losing unwanted fat and gaining a lean, yet curvy body in the process.

Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact for Women is a revolutionary work out plan that flies in the face of conventional fitness programs. Rusty does not have you lifting heavy weights to failure, or performing squat after squat until your legs are shaking.

Rusty focuses more on cardio exercise in Visual Impact for Women to torch fat, while implementing low repetition work with weights. This is contrary to the what the majority of the fitness industry advises for women.

What’s really special about Rusty’s Visual Impact for Women is that Rusty has designed his program to fit your personal lifestyle. You will find work out plans for both gym and home, and also for four workouts a week and for three workouts per week. Highly flexible, and convenient for users.

Visual Impact’s nutrition component is also different from much of what you see elsewhere. Instead of focusing on daily caloric intake, Rusty advices using weekly caloric intake instead. This change lets you have an odd glass of wine or nice dinner out without blowing your diet completely.

The two-pronged approach to fat burning and diet that visual impact provides can give you the body that you’ve been looking for.