Safety and Confidence of Stem Cell Therapy

Safety and Confidence of Stem Cell Therapy

Assurance of safety – is the main factor that must be ensured by any medical establishment during the process of treatment. Vitality Medical and Research Center highly values the patients’ confidence, that’s why we provide the best level treatment with innovative Programs. 

Vitality Stem cell treatment safe

Vitality is the part of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies with a long medical operation (more than 23 years), experienced staff and best equipped facilities.  

Vitality Center is approved by the Ukraine Ministry of Health, the newest equipment is certified and manufactured by Europe and USA. 

We use the most qualitative Stem cells from our own bank of material – which is licensed and include several rigorous steps of verification. 

To ensure the best treatment results Vitality Medical and Research Center has the wide list of precautions and developments: 

  • Accurate examination for each patient

On the basis of Vitality’s own laboratory, we provide the most rigorous examination process for the clients who want to undertake the Stem cells therapy. More than 20 tests (the precise quantity can differ according to your Program) to be sure of your total health and readiness for manipulations. 

  • Individual approach 

We understand that every case is unique, that’s why every Stem cells Program is individually adapted for the client based on the tests results, personal aspects (medicine intolerance, allergic reactions, anesthesia rejection), main requests and complaints. Flexible treatment plan under the direction of experienced staff helps us to reach unbelievable results. 

  • Qualitative materials 

The main aspect which is controlled in every step of the processes – is the quality of Stem cells. Vitality Center provides the opportunity for every patient to use the most qualitative Stem cells materials from our own base. 

We ensure multiple screening and prove, which include the diagnosis, purification and certification. Only perfect quality Stem cells from the validated sources.

  • Stem cells effectiveness 

Stem cells treatment is approved world widely thanks to their unique ability to launch the regeneration and revitalization processes in the organism. Each body is unique and special, that’s why there is no strict period for the first visible effects. Proper Stem cell doze, their quality and professionalism of the staff – we make all possible surroundings to reach the best results and make you more healthy. Moreover, medical follow-up for the duration of 1 year after therapy will help to monitor your state and health indicators improving. 

The main influence of Stem cells include the following:

  • differentiation and transdifferentiation into tissue-specific cells
  • fusion with the resident cells
  • secretion a wide array of paracrine factors in order to stimulate the survival and functional recovery of the resident cells
  • regulation the local microenvironment or immune response

Vitality Stem cells treatment is used in many directions to improve the health state and overcome the diseases. It is an additional therapy to help your organism with overcoming problems and implications of illnesses (Covid-19, for example).

If you doubt how safe is Stem cell therapy – come to Vitality Center for the personal consultation with specialists to remove hesitating. 

Vitality Medical and Research Center is your total safety, stability and long-term experience based on the multiple cases. 

Try to change your life with us.

Before using the Stem cell therapy Procedure, be sure to consult with your personal doctor to exclude individual contraindications and specificities.