Repairing Our Vinyl Flooring

We’ve been living in our house for more than ten years already. There are some parts of the house that needed to be repaired or fixed   In fact, I wanted to have a major construction like additional room, expand the kitchen, changed the water fixtures, etc. Although, other parts such as our flooring in our bedroom needs an immediate attention.

However, with so many priority things in line like education budgets, investments and other spending my husband told me to know exactly what  is the top most priority among my priorities. :). Everything will involve a cost…most needs a bigger cost!

All the major repairs such as expanding the kitchen and changing the water fixtures can wait but not with the current condition of our bedroom floor. Two or more pieces of the vinyl flooring are torn and badly needed a replacement. It was damaged when we accidentally dragged some furniture fixtures :(

damaged vinyl flooring

I’d asked my husband if we can replace our bedroom flooring with a wooden or perhaps a marble type but he still preferred the vinyl floor right now. He’s answer was ” I still like what we have because it’s beautiful already and very low maintenance”. I think what he meant was ” because it’s low cost and we can save more”  A typical working husband answer.

I searched online to find where to buy the vinyl flooring that we are using since I don’t want to waste my time in the hardware store. Remember, we haven’t changed a thing in our flooring since we bought our house a decade ago so I don’t have any idea where to buy. Heck, I’m not even sure if the store’s are still selling the same pattern.  Lo and behold, Google found the match on a store that sells area rugs and home carpet shop in Hillsboro. I browsed their products and galleries and I’ve actually found two that matches our flooring. I’m thinking to print them out both, but I guess the easiest and less mistake is to bring a bring a sample when I go to the hardware store (meaning I have to remove one from our floor).

Wish me luck!

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