Single Women Live Longer Than Married Women

Single Women Live Longer Than Married Women

Single women live longer than married women. But why? Many reasons may be at play, from the In sickness and in health factor to the stress of being alone without a partner. And let’s not forget that having a child is stressful! And if you’re already stressed, you’ll be more likely to die early if you’re single. Read on to find out how single women can benefit from this lifelong commitment.

In sickness and in health factor

It’s a known fact that married people live longer than their single counterparts. In fact, studies have shown that men and women in spousal relationships have longer life expectancies. Demographers have not been able to determine why, but they do know that married people have lower mortality rates than single people. Similarly, people in intimate relationships tend to have healthier lifestyles. In this way, they may be more likely to live longer.

Stress of living alone

Statistics show that fewer people are marrying, but more women are living alone. Single mothers are the largest demographic group, with nearly one in four living alone. The largest group of singletons is 18-34 years old, while the youngest group is 18-29 years old. In the US, more single women are choosing to stay single, and the average age of marriage for women has been pushed back by two years. While living alone can seem lonely, women who are single have developed a strong social network and a wide range of friends. Many of them invest in hobbies and maintain friendships.

While loneliness may not be directly related to life expectancy, feeling cut off from others can cause a number of health problems. It’s no secret that loneliness is linked to health issues, and living alone may put some people at greater risk. But living with other …

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