Waling-waling Is Now A National Flower Of The Philippines

Waling-waling has been declared as one of the Philippine’s national flower. The Senate passed and approved House Bill no. 5655 declaring the beautiful Waling-waling as our national flower too. We now have two national flowers, the other one is Sampaguita. I welcome the idea of having two national flowers since Waling-waling is really a rare species of orchids used to be found only in the Philippines.

With the passing of the bill, according to Sen. Loren Legarda who co-authored measure together with Sen. Edgardo Angara, Waling-waling is now under special protection. The bill will mandate the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources to promulgate rules and regulations that will protect, conserve, and propagate the waling-waling orchid. Philippine's waling-walingSince the discovery of Waling-waling in 1882 in the rainforests of Mindanao, it has become the most sought-after flower. Unfortunately, it also paves the way for this exotic flower to be near extinction.

The waling-waling is famous for as “the Queen of Philippine Orchids.” The National Museum of the Philippines earlier confirmed Waling-waling native to the Philippines and endemic to our country, while the Sampaguita is native to India and Arabia. As I’ve mentioned, Waling-waling is used to be found only in the Philippines but it is now believed these rare orchids has more varieties in other countries, particularly in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Hawaii.

If you have noticed, PinayMom.org banner has Waling-waling on it. Is it because Pinay Moms’s are rare too? What do you think? 😉

source: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/-waling-waling–as-nat-l-flower-pushed-103215416.html
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7 Responses to Waling-waling Is Now A National Flower Of The Philippines

  1. Rubin says:

    ndi lang pala tayo may sampagita.. yung waling waling nalang! :) ang ganda pa

  2. joshua says:

    special yung flower.. people will tend to relate our symbols with the people in the country. its nice to be associated with something as beautiful and rare as the waling waling. thank you senator loren for the opportunity for other places to see the beauty we have here in the philippines

  3. annabanz says:

    its so pretty! i think its beauty reflects also on the good senator legarda has done for this country :)

  4. jessica says:

    2 birds one stone! by making it our national flower we are taking measures to protect this beautiful flower as well as have something so beautiful represent us :)

  5. charles says:

    i like the idea of making this a national flower. we need to update our symbols for the rest of the world and try to rid ourselves of the “bad” things that stuck with our country.. having this flower will help us revamp how we look and how other countries view us

  6. JasperDolphin says:

    Woah, this is a very pretty flower. This looks a lot better than the sampaguita. haha

  7. TacoBennet says:

    ang ganda naman ng bulaklak na ‘to. nakakatuwa. hehe dapat nga ito na yung national flower.. di naman galing dito ang sampaguita eh.. hehe

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