Damage Caused by Aesthetic Photoepilation Treatment: What Can You Do ?

In the current economic and cultural climate, there are sectors that are experiencing growth that may be surprising. The current values ​​that are imposed in modern societies, especially for younger people, place heavy emphasis on feeling good and looking good, offering an image consistent with the models that are highlighted in our current social media-heavy environment.

Many beauty-oriented entrepreneurs have set up businesses beyond simply hairdressing, with aesthetic techniques and treatments being relatively inexpensive, in the face of enormous demand. But many even with little experience in the sector are opening beauty centres in which they perform practices such as photoepilation or IPL hair removal treatments.

Types of photoepilation

We can say that there are two types of photoepilation: the laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). In fact, IPL is a type of light with a less ordered wavelength, apparently less invasive and also less effective than the rest of the laser systems (which are classified according to their wavelength). The power of the two systems is measured by Joules / cm2.

Both procedures act in the same way: the beam of light, either laser or IPL, is selectively absorbed by the melanin in each hair, transforming its energy into heat, reaching the hair root and directly destroying the hair follicle in a phenomenon called thermolysis, without affecting the rest of the skin.

Damage that can occur

Photoepilation treatments are continuously carried out in aesthetic or medical centres without any adverse results. The vast majority of professionals dedicated to the sector have the proper training, acquire the devices with all the guarantees, perform the treatments with caution, and sometimes decline to perform them if they observe the slightest possibility of occurrence of any damage or side effect.

However, according to experts in beauty treatment claims, the reality is that, despite everything, damage does occur as a result of these practices, with a quite varied results. There are varied physical characteristics of people and it is always possible that there is a lack of due care (in training of the operator, in the maintenance of the machine, in the qualification of the type of skin or the patient undergoes the treatment without following the recommendations and indications in this regard.

Injuries caused by photoepilation or IPL

In general, the injuries that occur in these cases are burns, almost always mild or first-degree (erythema) and that only affect the superficial layer of the skin, in addition to other sequels that can be considered as aesthetic damages, depending on its intensity, duration and severity, which affect the skin’s colouration (hypo and hyperpigmentations, with the striking shape of the light beam applicator).

However, more serious burns can, and do, occur and when this happens patients are recommended to first seek medical attention from a dermatologist, and secondly, to seek legal advice from an expert in laser burn and hair damage claims in order to file a claim for compensation against the beauty centre, or practitioner from which they received the treatment.