Hair Loss in Women – 3 Causes and 4 Natural Remedies

Hair Loss in Women - 3 Causes and 4 Natural Remedies

A lot of women are afflicted by excessive hair fall and the researchers have discovered that one in every four women suffers from this leading to baldness. The reasons why people feel hair loss ladies is uncommon are:

1) Loss of hair ladies is less severe in comparison to men.

2) In women, it generally occurs evenly rather than 1 or 2 major areas such as the case in men.

3) Women can disguise the loss better than men.

3 Causes of Hair Loss In Women

You must be wondering about the causes. It has been found that poor diet and stress are two very common reasons behind hair fall in women. Some other causes are:

1) Female Pattern Baldness – A lot is learned about male pattern hair loss however one of the major reasons for this in women is female male pattern hair loss. They suffer from androgenic-alopecia if the male hormone converts the testosterone into DHT – damaging to hair. This leads to hair fall. However, the extent of hair loss can be caused by the influence of female hormones.

2) Alopecia Areata – This is one of the leading reasons behind hair loss in women. It is seen as a decrease in patches. Though the exact reason behind this can be yet unknown it is considered that immune system deficiencies result in alopecia areata. In severe cases, it may affect other parts with the body also. In most, in the cases, hair grows back naturally.

3) Telogen Effluvium – This too is a kind of cause of hair fall in women. This is thinning of hair because of stress and trauma. Traumatic experiences or excessive stress disturbs the conventional cycle of new hair growth.

4 Natural Remedies for Hair Loss in women

1) Hair loss in women may be treated as accustomed to an easy massage. Though this is impossible to believe it is true. If you are suffering from hair fall massage your scalp until it will become warm and begins to tingle. This will improve the blood circulation to your scalp which will help prevent excessive hair fall.

2) You can use henna and mustard oil to treat loss of hair. Boil a mug of mustard oil after which add 4 tablespoons of henna leaves to it. When the leaves learn to burn strain the oil having a cloth and store it in a very glass container. Massage your scalp with this oil. This will stimulate the growth of the latest hair.

3) Hair loss linked to women may be treated effectively with onion. Rub a slice of onion for the balding area until it will become red. Then apply honey to soothe the location and stimulate your scalp. Do this twice daily. This is a great treatment for hair fall.

4) You can make a paste of black pepper seeds and ground lime. Apply the paste on affected regions. This will irritate and lead to increased blood circulation stimulating the growth of hair. This will provide relief against women’s baldness.