Impact Of The Change In Lifestyle On Gut Health

Impact Of The Change In Lifestyle On Gut Health

Gut or the gastrointestinal tract has a very crucial role in making our lives healthier and happier. If we analyse carefully we will see that maximum ailments stem from the improper working of our digestive tract. Following the time tested methods of maintaining a good gut health can help in averting a number of such medical conditions.


Gut needs healthy and diverse bacteria’s for absorption of food minerals into the main blood stream. But our unregulated and undisciplined lifestyle changes have often led to an unwanted change in their composition. Maintaining and up keeping the perfect environment for the growth and sustenance of these bacteria is important, if we need our stomachs to perform all its functions par perfection.

  • Gut bacteria’s are highly sensitive to antibiotic intake and deplete alarmingly with such ingestion.
  • When more sugary food is consumed the bacteria do not get much to satisfy their hunger (as sugar gets absorbed on its own easily) and start to chew upon our intestinal lining, hereby causing inflammation.
  • Increased levels of anxiety and stress also have a negative effects on these digestive friends of ours, causing many stomach related diseases.

So a regulated and controlled dietary regime and lifestyle change can help in maintenance of our digestive system and its army of friendly bacteria’s in their best working capacity, making for a swift bowel functioning and improvised metabolism.


Our way of living has not done us any good. Drifting away from natural fresher foods towards the processed variety, uncanny sleeping patterns, over intake of alcohol, caffeine and lack of physical activities have led to a compromised health.

As in most cases the gut also believes in the give and take relation. If we want good health, ecastic moods, perfect bowel, and sharper brains and raised immunity we need to give back to our digestive tract in form of:

  • Workout Regime

It is important to get up and get moving. A sedentary lifestyle is the worst thing one can do for his/her gut. Sitting for long hours leads to underutilization of produced energies in the gut and causes bloating and inflammation. This not only leaves impacts on physical appearance but also affects the overall health.

  • Go Green

Fibres are the most essential thing. They provide the gut bacteria with the food they need and in turn help them to perform better. The presence of fibre in the digestive system also initiates water absorption leading to a swift defecation process.

  • Hydration

Water is undoubtedly the elixir of life. 70% of our bodies are made of water, making it a quintessential for gut health too. Sufficient intake of water helps the digestive tract in keeping itself free from all unwanted and unnecessary food particle. Water also helps in healing any king of inflammation and damage which has happened to the gut lining.

  • Stay Relaxed

Stress of modern day living has worn us down. Everyone is running and small pleasures of life have taken a back seat. When we undertake things which make us feel good, our gut bacteria’s multiply in significant number, increasing the working efficiency and health of the gut.

  • Go Low On Fats

Though a moderate amount of fats are essential for our bodies, going high on them causes our digestive system to overwork. Breaking down complex fats is a strenuous process and needs lot of energy. The digestive tract can get severely stressed if we are high on such consumptions, leading to a breakdown. So limiting fat intake in daily diets is recommended to maintain the health of the digestive system and eventually the whole body.

  • Don’t Be Sleep Deprived

It has been seen that an erratic sleep routine consisting of long hours without proper rest causes severs bouts of constipation among people. The gut functioning gets influenced by our resting patterns. Adequate sleep makes the digestive system more proficient in its work.

These small yet effective changes in daily living can go a long way in improvising the health of our digestive system. This good health has a trickledown effect and it percolates to all our daily functions in the form of increased agility, increased physical activity and a stronger immune system. So work on your gut if you want to get rid of depressing feelings or that constipated bowel. This one system of our body can make or break our health in innumerable ways.