Ladies High Heels for Different Occasions

Women always enjoy the various aspects of designs and colors that are available with fashion. There is always a certain restriction with the forms of dressing and accessories for both men and children. This is however conspicuous by its absence in women’s fashion – both apparel and accessories.

This extends to the sphere of footwear. There is an equal range of flat heels and high heels worn by them at different times and for different occasions. They are not a boon for those who are born with a disadvantageous height in many countries of the world. it is also a form of popular fashion among them.. These are available in high quality leather and leatherette materials.

There is also a wide range of the colors and combinations of the materials used in these.. You will also get a choice in the range and designs of the heels that are available.

There are commonly- referred to as stilettos. These are available in different grades of heights in their heels and are pointed in shape. They have a design of full covered top or open toe to peep toe designs. There are also sandal slippers or strapped sandals that have a stiletto heel in the design.

These are perfect for all your designer and evening wear as well. They can be worn for a variety of occasions and time of the day if you are comfortable with these. However, you may be careful that in case of extensive walking during your outing it may hurt your feet after a while.

There is a variation of heels designed as block heels. These are also at times referred as platform heels. However, there is a slight difference in the latter. The platform heels are forms of gradient that continues till the end of the toes of your shoes even in case of high heeled pumps.

In case of the block heels, the pointed design of the commonly available heel is replaced by the flattened look of the heel gradient. It also slopes away in support of the middle portion of your feet under the sole and smoothens out where the toe starts. These are mostly available in strapped sandal designs..

There are lesser gradients of high heels available for daily wear especially when you know you will be out for a longer time. This usually includes walking which may be uncomfortable if the heels are pointed or even too high as well.

High heels are extremely common and a favorite design with fashion brands of footwear. There is a wide variety of design variations available in these apart from colors schemes as well. These are easily wearable for work as well as occasions of fun and gaiety. Fashion and a form of style apart this is a common means of women gaining that extra advantage of height and confidence in their movements.