The Next Best Thing about Rhinoplasty

Anyone who has committed to the rhinoplasty should be aware that it is – surgical procedure, which is performed exclusively under general anesthesia.

The Next Best Thing about Rhinoplasty

What to do immediately after surgery?

Immediately after surgery, the formation of edema is possible, which can be quickly eliminated with cold compresses. Also, do not unnecessarily strain your eyes in the first days after surgery: do not watch TV a long time, do not drive and do not stay a long time at the computer. For the Rhinoplasty Miami this is important now.

1-2 days should observe bed rest. At the same time, it is important to keep your head in a sublime state. This minimizes puffiness. Sleeping for two weeks after surgery is best only on the back. After 2-3 days, you can wash your hair yourself, eliminating the ingress of moisture on the plaster. Replace it if necessary, perhaps no earlier than 5 days. And the removal of gypsum is possible in 5-6 days after surgery. From now on, you can do makeup, avoiding the slightest impact on the line of stitches.

After the operation, it is important to adhere to the rules:

  • Completely eliminate the head tilts down (7 days)
  • Blood crusts in the nose should be treated 2-3 times daily with a cotton swab dipped in poluspirtovom solution. If necessary, the doctor will recommend lubricating these crusts with sea buckthorn or peach oils
  • When the temperature rises above 38 degrees, it is necessary to take recommended by the attending physician agents (antibiotics, ointments, sprays, but not more than once a day)
  • Avoid bending low to prevent further swelling and bleeding in the wound (3-4 days)
  • The introduction of plastic plates can eliminate difficulty in breathing burying chlorhexidine solution in each nostril
  • Recommended balanced diet
  • Exclude smoking and alcohol intake (2-4 weeks)

If present dryness in the oral cavity, it is necessary to irrigate the aerosol type “Ingalipt”, “Geksoral” et al.

It should be limited to a minimum physical activity (7 weeks), and physical education classes and shaping – at least 4 weeks after surgery.

At the minimum you will be under the supervision of a doctor after rhinoplasty for two weeks. Even after removing the bandages, it is strictly forbidden to rub the seam line, and to touch the skin in the operated area. In case of acute inflammation or severe pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Rhinoplasty is one of the areas of plastic surgery, which is designed to deal with congenital or acquired nasal defects. With this procedure, you can fix various problems associated with nasal breathing, correct various effects from injuries, or correct the appearance of the nose, taking into account purely aesthetic requirements.

To date, there are only two methods of surgical intervention: open and closed. The first method requires an incision in the lower part of the septum of the nose, not more than 4 mm in depth. Then an operation occurs to achieve the desired result.This method of rhinoplasty is most often used if you need the most complete overview for the operation. In this case, the easiest way to do is to move and remove cartilage, as well as remove soft tissue detachment.At the same time, the closed method of rhinoplasty allows the surgical operation to be performed directly through the incisions of the nostrils, which are completely invisible with full healing.