First Date Conversation – What You Shouldn’t Talk About With Her!

The first date conversation could make or break a date, what do you think? Can the first date conversation be a reason for a woman to consider if she’s going out with you or not on your second date? And you know for a fact that when you speak the wrong words to a girl, you know that it would be the very last time you will be hearing from her again, right?

The first date conversation is always a trigger point for any relationship that has the possibility to blossom into something better and deeper. That’s why when you go out on a date with someone you really like, you must think of the things you need to talk to her about and yes, of the things you need NOT speak of. So without much ado, here are the things you need to remember every now and then when you are out on a date:

Do not ask her of her weight!

Okay, so this topic may seem unlikely to come up unless you are one of the most insensitive men on the planet! But just so you know, the moment you ask a girl how much she weighs is already a dead end for you. And when you have committed this conversation booboo already, then my friend, you no longer need to read the rest of the article.

Do not ask her why she is still single – wrong move, dude!

If you ask your date this question, chances are, you will make her very defensive (most especially, if unbeknownst to you, she has just broken up with her guy) and so, she is most likely going to feel that way for the rest of the night. Therefore when you are out on a date, keep it light and enjoyable!

Do not ask her if it’s okay to split the bill!

Women would love to be labelled as an independent chick but when someone asks them to go Dutch on the first date, it is a major turn off to the highest level for them. All women love to be swept off their feet and by splitting the bill, you are crushing their little girl fantasy and dream to the core. If she offers, politely say no and smile. This would give her a feeling that you being a complete gentleman.

Do not ask her if you have a chance!

If you ask this question so early, the more she would think that you are un-cool and desperate! A woman would always go after a man who seems mysterious and a little bad ass. If you show her how much of a good boy you are, you are giving her an impression that you are too available. Always remember that a girl would love to chase sometimes.

Your first date conversation must be engaging and very pleasurable for both of you and your date. And unless you want to turn her off with your lack of conversation skills, then you better take all these tips to heart!