Top 5 Summer Style Essentials

Dressing well in summers becomes an intimidating task with the heat blazing down on you. As the summers is finally at its peak, our personal advances in individual style comes to a grinding halt when all the layers and textures are removed from our wardrobe.

Most of the men find difficulty in building multiple outfit items when the only comfortable items to wear in summer are shirts, shorts and shoes. This article will enlist top 5 summer style essentials that will help you survive throughout the summer season and make you look stylish.

1.   Pink- the bright color for summer 2017

For a really long time pink has been something men have really been hesitant to wear. But not this year as pink is the bright color you have to reclaim this summer. Whether you opt for a deeper toned shade or a clean pastel pink, this color will give you a different more refreshing look.

If you are afraid of trying this color then try wearing it in combo with some other color. For example wear a pink cap with your shirt or you can wear a black shirt with a pink logo on it. But we guarantee you that a pink pastel shirt will look great on you and also serve as an office outfit. So go for pink this summer!

2.   Versatile wide leg trousers

Fashion trends for men keep on changing with each year. However the wide leg pants are never out of fashion. And this is a good news because wide leg trousers are comfortable to wear and are also famous for their versatile nature as they can pair up well with majority of the outfits. You can go for the statement look by wearing extreme wide leg trousers or you can go for a more subtle look by wearing fairly discrete trousers.

3.   Old school look- Cuban collar shirts

Cuban collar shirts are among those outfits that take you back to the old school gangster look and most men hate it once they get out this time period. But this shirt with its loose body, short sleeves and lapel collar makes it the best piece to wear in warm weather. In view of its summery vibe, it is best to opt for cotton or soft linen shirt. You can wear it in a number of ways but if you pair it up with slim fit chinos we can guarantee that you can never go wrong with it.

4.   A pair of tailored shorts

Well-tailored chinos shorts are an incredible and versatile article for summer clothing. You can pair them up with casual shirts and sneakers or you can combine them with oxford shirts and loafers in both cases they will give a more flattering slimmer look.

5.   Classical foot wear

Boat shoes can be exceptionally pulled off with both casual and formal outfits. They not only just ensure that you look great but also provide comfort to your feet so that they don’t hurt by the end of the day.

Enjoy using these 5 essential items in this summer 2017 and play around with different combinations to see what works best for you.

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